Jiva Hill Event

Jiva Hill is expanding with the creation of its new JIVA HILL EVENT center, featuring a new 40 x 74.5 meter outdoor arena that was already in place before the start of the project, an outdoor seating area with capacity for 200 people sat at tables, grandstands, and a grass parking lot. The stables area has been reimagined as a complex capable of hosting a wide variety of equestrian events. With its clean and elegant architecture, the new building will further enhance the stables’ appeal, blending in tastefully with the site’s picturesque landscape and setting.

Work on the new building begins in September 2022, with completion scheduled for spring 2023.

The project was devised by our team in collaboration with Annecy-based architecture firm, Agence88. The company ICR Construction has been commissioned to perform the building works.

We look forward to seeing you there next year.